Current sermon series. blogspot. They will preach it together and the message will focus on the … Current Sermon Series. We also invite you to Next Steps. Jun 23, 2019. The writer of Hebrews cautioned them not to drift away from the teaching of Jesus and the LATEST SERMON. Messages from this Series. The outline for “Leave and Cleave” is available here. Once upon a time, people knew their neighbors. The series is entitles "Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less, Give Current Series Messages can be listened to from the website or can be downloaded for listening at a future time either on your computer or mobile device. April 17 – Easter The Power of the Resurrection 1 Peter 2:25. Biblical exposition is the setting forth of the meaning and purpose of God’s Word as truth as it applies to our faith and lives. Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons. Here’s how we like to put it: EXPOSITIONAL PREACHING is one of our core values. Watch. Worship Service. Listen to the most recent sermon podcasts. May 1 - June 5. In our time of unprecedented mobility and increasing isolationism, it's hard to make lasting connections with those May 15 | Embrace Faith | Romans 8:31-39. Cultivating & Letting Go. The Well is a place where anyone can come and feel the saving power of Jesus as Jesus provides us with living water to transform our lives. Current Sermon Series; A Meaningful Life. A sermon series exploring John’s reasons to believe. Series: Living Hope. Current Sermon Series: YouTube. Scriptures, topics, and media for our Current Sermon Series. Fellowship Corporate Worship Fellowship & Refreshments Children / Youth Foundations Adult Foundations. Following that first Easter, Jesus’ disciples commenced a 50 day journey that reached its climax on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). 1:1-11 Pastor Tony Pasolli. May 1. Spring 2022 Sundays, 8:30 & 11:15 am. Current Sermon Series: The Gospel of Acts: Christ's Church Unleashed. Sunday, January 23, 2022 “Jesus Saves” 1 Timothy 1:13-17 Pastor Tony Pasolli. Jesus, Son of God 19. Sunday Morning Service. Sunday Morning Gathering. Join us Sunday morning worship at 10:30am CST for our praise and worship service. 1 Corinthians (1) 1 John (1) 1 Peter (7) 1 Samuel (2) 1 Thessalonians (1) 1 Timothy (24) 2 Corinthians (6) 2 Peter (13) 2 Thessalonians (1) 2 Timothy (11) Current Sermon Series. Jan 9 • 1 Peter 1:1-2 • Listen. Current Crisis In America (Part 2) In a time of high emotion and turbulence Christians must carefully anchor their decisions in biblical principles. In this series we will be covering the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry beginning with His triumphal entry into Jerusalem and concluding with the resurrection on Easter. Take Notes Here and Download them at the bottom of this page! Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead? Current Sermon Series? 162 views . For Five Weeks starting on April 24, we will explore how Christians can “fail forward” in life. 24 — You Can Know Leader Guide | Personal Study Guide (Short) Current Sermon Series. Walking By the Spirit. MINISTRIES. The first part of this series, February 2-May 24 "Are You Being Disciplined?" or "Are you being Disciplined?" - Ephesians 3:14-21. When people would come and see Jesus, they left with a story to tell to others. We hope this series with both assure and equip those already in the faith, and engage and challenge those skeptical of faith. Current Sermon Series. Image Information. Pastor Nate Bucher will bring messages from God’s Word for the sermon series, “ The Church – Creed, Communion, & Character”. The Necessity and Hope of Confronting False Teachers. Download the Galatians Scripture Journal. Here at La Jolla Pres. Yet receiving and living in the JOY of the Lord is partly dependent on us cooperating with God in His effort to make JOY a regular part of our daily life. Current sermon Series. We are excited that you are joining us for our sermon series from the book of James. ” During this summer series, we’ll examine how God meets us and forms us through a variety of everyday moments: * Waking up * Making the bed * Brushing teeth * Losing keys * Eating Current Sermon Series . Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, we need God’s Word. Liberty, Missouri 64068. One way we witness that is by sharing God’s Story, and equipping you to share His story as well. Scriptures: John 20:11-18; 1 Corinthians 9:19-23. The Gospel Church. 717-687-5118. We invite you to come and learn each Sunday morning. Sunday, May 1, 2022 to Sunday, May 15, 2022. May 8 Leave Your Cocoon Matthew 15:21-28. Listen to prior sermons on our Sermon Archive page by clicking here! The Sermon on the Mount. Category: Current Sermon Series. In the book of Acts we follow the gospel’s influence from dusty Galilee to the roads in cosmopolitan Rome. Current sermon series Growing In The Grace Of God In order to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” ( 2 Peter 3:18 ), we must be aware of those issues which divert us from this path. Past Series. When we make time to intentionally encounter, listen, and follow up with new people, we have the joy of discovering and experiencing God in new ways. First Priorities For New Beginnings from Hillcrest Church on Vimeo. The Bible teaches us that people are saved by personal faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Pause Play. Go to series page. May 1 - The Heart & Core of Divine Health & Holy Communion. Exiles. com Hours: T/Th/F 9a-12p 470 West C Street, Lebanon, OR 97355 (541) 451-4397 Current sermon series Living in the Last Days ~ Studies in Jeremiah Jeremiah 1:1-19 Called By God 1/9/22 AM Current Sermon Series . This Sunday Pastors Debbie, Daryl and CJ will preach their final sermon at Community. April 26, 2022; Details Journey to the Cross. They have much to teach us about worship Give. 1:16:08. One of Jesus’s temptations comes as an appeal from Satan to human desires for power and glory. Elisha – A Tale of Ridiculous Faith. Adult Bible Studies Youth Ministry Kid's Ministry Outreach & Evangelism Worship Team Women's Ministry Missions ABOUT RHC. current Sermon series. 2. September 19 “Do Good” Watch Sermon Series. It’s not a solitary event—it’s actually an event that changes everything. Join us for worship and an encouraging message during our weekly Gateway Young Adults Online Experience! During each service, we’ll dive into practical topics to help you grow in your relationship with God. No subscribers. PREVIOUS SERMON SERIES: THE STORY OF EASTER. Feb 17, 2021 | All News. Exploring Paul's letter to the region of Galatia. Current Sermon Series: Luke Sermon Series. Current Sermon Series: 1 Peter. The Church: Acts - 2021 . In this series, we will examine New Testament texts that 1:26:06. In every generation, followers of Jesus have to navigate their way through a variety of faith tensions: caring for individual needs versus caring for community needs; engaging redemptively in difficult relationships versus Current Sermon Series: Jesus is Greater A Walk through the Book of Hebrews . 09:00 AM Sunday. This four-week sermon series details the importance of overcoming adversity and fighting for faith, even when life is difficult. What final encouraging “before I go” words does the author of Hebrews have for his readers? Daniel Scarbrough Individual Sermons (14) The Reformation- Standing on the Word of God (8) How to Develop and Sustain a Meaningful and Effective Prayer Life (4) The Importance of Proper Worship (1) Thomas Gardner Individual Sermons (24) Advent 2017- The Songs of Luke's Gospel (4) Jude- The Mercy & Judgment of God (11) Guest Messages (11) Matthew 1:18-25 “His Name Is Jesus” (10/3/21) We apologize for the low volume on this recording. For forty days, Jesus showed up on occasion, his appearances always a surprise. Did you know that one of the things God wants the most for our lives is JOY? Jesus repeatedly promises us JOY in His word. Check out the current series from Pastor James! Easter Sunday: The Epilogue 11:00am | Easter Sunday: The Epilogue | Pastor James Bennington. If you ask the preacher, "Well, what did you think about the worship service today", he might respond, "I don't know, how did you do. Jun 23, 2019 The Work of the Lord Will Stand-Part 22. Our Mission Please invite others to join with you as we explore together various passages from the Gospel accounts of Matthew, John, and Luke. We need to be reminded of our hope in Christ and our gospel identity. March 8, 2009. 5/22 The Encouraging Solidarity Psalm 148; John 13:31-35. Have you noticed lately that life feels fast? Like you can’t get ahead. RSS. September 5 “Genuine Faith” James 2:1-7, 14-17 Genuine faith not only affects personal existence, but also produces change in the world. April 24 - Loving, Knowing, Following. by Ken Sartain | 7-25-2021. https://thbcsermons. WORSHIP SCHEDULE. Easter 2022. 1:25:46. This message addresses how we must fight the current cultural battle and where the focus of our efforts must be. Psalms 90, 100, 103, 107, etc. March 17, 2022; Easter; Join us through the Book of John as we prepare for Easter 2022. Join us as Pastor Jared starts our new series in Genesis with Part 1. May 22 - Healing Through Spiritual Warfare. In fact, for many, they are the biggest objections to the Christian faith. (March 6, 2022) Mark 1:1-8 Sermon outline and other resources: https://linktr. May 8, 2022 - Brad Franklin. This series tackles six major ones. Follow along with us as we dive into a week by week sermons to teach us how we can see Christ in all things past, present, and future. Because of the resurrection, God’s “new creation” is now unfolding, and with this new reality comes a new way to live. (Sunday January 3, 2021) Learn more Current Sermons. Bethel Baptist Church Rigby. Cornerstone CRC in Chilliwack is working through a sermon series challenging people to reflect on their Christmas spending habits shifting the focus on getting to giving, but not to those already richly blessed but those struggling. May 15 - The Difference Between The Healing Ways Of Jesus & The Way Jesus Heals. 781. More recent sermons. But what is the best way to pursue that life? Explore that question with us as we learn from Jesus Christ, who lived the most meaningful life. Join us Easter Weekend - April 16 and 17, 2022 for EASTER @ PEOPLES CHURCH! Sunday, April 17 - You'll find a warm welcome, ministry for the entire family, powerful worship, and a relevant and life engaging message. 05/15/2022 | Chandler Gibbs. 30 Timber Lane. Sermon Series. Four adventurous siblings—Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie—step through a wardrobe door and into the land of Narnia, a land frozen in eternal winter and enslaved by … Current Sermon Series Transcripts. Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 22, The City of God – Revelation 21:9-14, 21-27 – John is now shown the new Jerusalem, the Holy City. Watch Online. James teaches us, in the most practical terms, how to successfully live a life of faith. March 28 - The King Dines - Luke 22:15-20. 5/8/22: Seasons | Part 2 | Summer. 05/08/2022 | Paul Romanstine. When we follow our hearts apart from Current Sermon Series. Experience dynamic, Spirit-filled Bible teaching and come to a place that feels like home or view us online. Starting Sunday, April 24. The Life of Joseph: Making of a Man of Integrity. This opens in a new window. Contact Us ·. Life is made of relationships: friendship, marriage, family, etc. Series Acts 2:42-47 Acts in Advent Advent Signposts Basics of Belief: Allowing the Gospel to shape our mind Biblical Vision for the Church Biblical Vision of the Church Book of Isaiah Character of God Christian Worldview Doctrines of Faith Exodus in Advent Exodus: the Gospel in the Old Testament Finding Jesus in the Old Testament … The Mission of Hillcrest. To listen to Archived Sermon Series Click […] Eden Westside Baptist Church is one church with two locations. matthew. What kind of father is God, anyway? Is He like human fathers I know too well? Is He a caring Father? Is He a consistent Father; can I depend on Him? Is He a Father I can get close to? Is He a competent Father? Does He know what He’s doing? This series will begin on Father’s Day and run for Share your videos with friends, family, and the world CURRENT SERMON SERIES. 3195 Contra Loma Blvd. We hope you will rediscover and be reminded of the good news of Christ – the Son of Man, sent by God to redeem the world. Ooltewah, TN 37363 . The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, by Rev James McGlothlin -- 03/27/2022 4 weeks ago79 views. May 8 - Mother's Day Celebration - Pastor Jen Capps. A Mother Who Dedicated Her Child Back to God - 1 Samuel 1:19-2:10 May 8, 2022 LISTEN NOW. Flag for Review. 6 Focal Length: 55mm ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/320 sec Camera: Canon EOS 50D. When difficulties arise in one’s life we must make choices on how to respond. ). April 3 Perfect Trust 1 Peter 2:23. Elect Exiles of the Triune God. Sermons. May 1 Expand Your Clan Matthew 9:10-17. Psalm 23 6. Preacher Brad Vos Carl Leep Devin Bowen Jory Jones Kevin Boss Kyle McMullen Lou Korf Max Booth Michael DeWitt Philip Heidt Ralph Akin Scott O'Haver Vance Hays Virgil … Current Sermon Series. •. Jan 23 • 1 Peter 1:10-12 • Listen. Messages can also be viewed online as well. March 13, 2020 by Matthew Tsang. Today’s message from John 21:1-25 provides four truths to help us in our walk with Christ. Please invite others to join with you as we explore … We invite you to view the latest sermon series by The Rev. May 29. Sunday Morning Worship. Will Rushing - The Story of Easter: Restored ( John 21:1-25 )—Join UBC during the month of April as we journey through the second half of the Gospel of John to discover the Story of Easter. We have a lot going on each and every week. Join us for a 4-week teaching series beginning Sunday, March 14th and leading up to Resurrection Sunday on April 4th. We believe that the Word of God is the first and final authority in all we do. g. Her life and her story are redeemed as the Sermon Notes Date: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY May 29, 2022 Current Sermon Series Memorial Day Web: lebanonfoursquare. Sunday, January 16, 2022 “Saved To Serve” 1 Timothy 1:12 Pastor Tony Pasolli. “On the Road Again”. com Hours: T/Th/F 9a-12p 470 West C Street, Lebanon, OR 97355 (541) 451-4397 Idols of the Heart. We trust that through this mini-series on the Holy Spirit, we can have a fresh understanding of Him and be able to experience more of His supernatural power in our ministries and daily living. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. Click the design style below (black or white) to view and download the full resolution version for your device. Home / Sermons / All Sermons / Current Series. The Bridge App: An Exciting New Tool for the Local Church. (Sunday January 3, 2021) Learn more Spring 2022 Sermon Series. Join us for Sunday worship! Sunday AM service starts at 10:30 a. As God’s children, “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Qualifications for Elders. Home / Category: Current Sermon Series. Here you'll learn about the current series, details of upcoming services and sermons. Steven M. Like even when your schedule isn’t packed, your mind is. Whether in person, or online, we hope you’ll join us! Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Contact Us. Our sermon series for the month of February is titled “Navigating Faith’s Tensions. The speed of life can affect the speed we allow or don’t allow God to disciple our hearts and thus our ability to disciple others. 21 Great Saints Nehemiah -- Building for Posterity July 25, 2021 Pastor Jim Erwin August 4, 2020. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world May 1 “Making Space” God is already at work in the lives of those outside of church. 5/1 The Engaging Proximity Psalm 114:1-8; Luke 24:36-49. Sunday PM service starts at 5:00 p. Reach out to us if you have any questions or issues playing back the sermon videos. Letters to the Seven Churches, a series on the seven churches in Revelation. The Purity of the Gospel. com Email: office@lebanonfoursquare. Is your church in the middle of a sermon series? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Share Your Sermon Series, Worship Themes, and More . July 04, 2021 - July 25, 2021. com Hours: T/Th/F 9a-12p 470 West C Street, Lebanon, OR 97355 (541) 451-4397 Sermon Schedule. Therefore, understanding what season you are in at any given time is essential to this growth. May 8, 2022: Hebrews 13:20-25 “Not Alone” Current Sermon Series Sermon Audio. Click the video button next to the message you wish to view. The Holy Spirit is probably the least understood person of the Trinity. We will not be diasspointed by it in any way. us-east-2. Current Sermon Series PREACHING SCHEDULE Sermon Topic Schedule 17 Apr Easter Sunday Sunrise: “The Favor of Cross-bearing” Mk 15:15-26 Regular: “Resurrection’s Victory” John 20:11-18 24 Apr “The Fulfillment of Righteousness” Matt 5:6 01 May “Table Talk” Luke 22:24-27 Lord’s Supper 08 May “Rest unto Our […] May 2018 During our current sermon series, we will consider the book of Luke. S. Ephesians - Fall/Winter 2019/2020. The description is stunning, symbolically pointing us to truth that our new home with God will defy description. Join Us Sunday Mornings 8:45am Traditional Worship Gathering with quartet and pipe organ Sermon Series. Marsh, Senior Pastor and Head of Staff at Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Woods, CA. 8:30-9:00 9:00-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:00-11:00 10:30-11:00 Office Hours. January - February 2022. The Lord takes a foreigner from a wicked land and brings her to a place of restoration and healing in the land of God. We invite you to view the latest sermon series by The Rev. However, Joseph’s story is ultimately not Current Sermon Series. Join us this Spring as we walk through the Gospel of Mathew. Let's Talk About Resources for Ministry! Follow Us. 05/01/2022 | Chandler Gibbs. Sermon Title Date Listen ; The Aroma of Christ - Pastor Chris Jung: 05/22/2022: Listen and View Details: Life in the World: 05/15/2022: … Current Sermon Series. Kirk Peterson preaching. Gospel Holiness. 10:30 AM Sunday. Come join us for our fall series, REBUILD, as we explore the book of Nehemiah. https://rockharborchurch. What animates the church? What makes us different or sets the church apart in the world? Too often the church is known for its political affiliations, reflecting a particular Giving. “Current Issues” Text: Mark 5:25-34; Luke 8:43-48 25And a woman, who had an issue of blood twelve years, 26and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse, 27having heard the things concerning Jesus, came Living Faith | Sermon Series. In these strange times, when we’ve been scattered and upended, our solution is what it is always is – God’s Word. May 15, 2022 | Adam Muhtaseb | Acts 11:19-30; 13:1-3. He met with groups, like the eleven in the upper room, and more than five Current Sermon Series. Current Sermon Series and Studies. ‘The Great Launch’ is all about how the early church went from 120 frightened followers in Jerusalem to thousands scattered all over the Roman Empire. May 15, 2022. May 22, 2022 - Tim Deahl. Series: Acts of God. 1000 Birmingham Road. April 10 Jesus Paid it All 1 Peter 2:24. (See below for Saturday James: Living Out An Authentic Faith. September 19 “Do Good” Current Sermon Series. May 22, 2022 - Dave Hughey. - Antioch, CA 94509 / (925) 706-1238 © First Family Church Current Sermon Series Missed a recent service? If you have missed any of the services in this Sermon Series, you can conveniently watch them in the video player below. Matthew 1:1-17 Matthew 1:18-25 Matthew 2:1-12 Matthew 2:13-23 Matthew 3:1-17 Matthew 4:1-11 Matthew 4:12-25 Matthew 5:1-12. Join us for our upcoming sermon series: Next Door: The Art of Neighboring, beginning April 24. 1234 The Passion of Our King sermon series. Lent is a season of spiritual gardening, of inviting God to unearth in us what lies fallow, what needs to be tended, and what needs to die for new life to emerge. Series Sermons: 5/1/22: Seasons | Part 1 | Spring. You may listen to the sermons on our sermons archive page or subscribe to our podcast. 5/29 – “The Christ Hymn” – Phil 2: 1-13. Current Series Ordinary Providence: The Book of Ruth 24 sermons since February 13, 2022. Or use our contact form. We strive for sermons that are … current Sermon series. The All-Surpassing Son Join us as we study the book of Hebrews and consider all the ways the Lord Jesus Christ far surpasses everything we might be tempted to cling to for hope and salvation. Steps to the Cross - Part 2, by Rev Andy David -- 10/03/2021 5 weeks ago75 views. . Dr. We want to live a meaningful life – a life full of joy and purpose. ”. In this series we walked through the beatitudes, what it … Current Sermon Series CrossWay Church Battle Ground, WA. April 2 - The King Crucified - various readings (Good Friday Service at 7pm) Spring 2022 Sermon Series. Announcements. Hillcrest exists to help people in becoming like Christ who worship God, connect with others, serve the world, and invest in someone. 816. Podcast. 1:19:58. net/sermons/Genesis%201%20The%20Reason%20For The current series is “Father God” Father God. Learn how to live a life of overflow — reflecting His character and Watch Sermon Series. These teaching resources are available for LIFE Group Leaders to download each week. Lewis. Timberline Church. Sermon Archives. Listen. Sermon recordings will be posted below. Asbury United Methodist Church. Use the pop up box to navigate between all the videos is this series. This message will help you find deliverance and freedom. Tap to unmute. Our Location. The outline for “The Beginning of the Good News” is available here. read more. At the bottom of the page you'll also find links to resources and music to help you get. The unofficial start of summer begins this weekend and people will soon be on the road traveling for their vacations. [custom-facebook-feed] Adult Bible Studies; Caring Hands; Contact; Current Sermon Series; Front Page; Get Connected; Listen Online; Meet the Team; Ministries; Sermon Series; Sermon Series. Whether you want to read, listen, or watch content, there is a way for you to interact easily and seamlessly with a platform you choose. Belle Valley Presbyterian YouTube. Jan 30 • 1 Peter 1:13-21 • Listen. In the early church, we read about a eunuch from Ethiopia who sought to worship God at the temple in Jerusalem but was turned away. By examining the life of the Apostle Paul, this series considers the call of every believer to share in Jesus' sufferings, to understand the value of contentment, to receive the necessity of joy amid grief, and apply the quality of faithfulness to their daily walk Current Sermon Series. amazonaws. Scripture References: Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-3 Related Topics: Genesis | More Messages from Jared Jenkins | Download Audio From Series: "2022 Beginnings"Genesis 1:1 is one of the most well-known Bible verses in our world today declaring God’s creation of everything. In January of 2021 at HWPC, we began a sermon series in the book of Psalms. In our Sunday services, Worship is participatory. may-29-bulletin-website Download. Recent Sermons. This Easter season we are taking a “Joyride Current Sermon Series. Like you can’t keep everything straight. s3. Austin Evangelical Fellowship, 8 South Ave. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new sermons as they become available. New … Current and past sermon series are available on our YouTube Channel. 5/8 The Enlightening Uncertainty Psalm 150; John 20:19-31. They are God’s words given to man to express every emotion, every need, every joy, every sorrow. This series will be running through May as Pastor Bruce take us on a journey through the Gospel of John. Join us this Sunday, April 3, for Pastor Nate’s final sermon in our series, Colossians: Christ-Centered Church, as we look at Colossians 4:7-18. March 20th The Lamb of God 1 Peter 2:22. Key Speaker: Pastor John Atkinson. Steps to the Cross - Part 3, by Rev Andy Davis -- 04/03/2022 3 weeks ago126 views. " Worship is not something we sit back and consume, but rather something we engage in with our entire being - through praying Current Sermon Series. Email Address . May 8 “Making Connections Current sermon series Growing In The Grace Of God In order to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” ( 2 Peter 3:18 ), we must be aware of those issues which divert us from this path. Adult Sunday School. Details Growing Spiritually in the New Year. Preparing For An Angrier World May 20, 2022 - Roberta Morrison, Roberta Morrison Gilbert, Roberta Gilbert; Comfort For The Wounded May 13, 2022 - Roberta Morrison, Roberta Morrison Gilbert, Roberta Gilbert; The War On Common Sense May 06, 2022 - Roberta Morrison, Roberta Morrison Gilbert, Roberta … Current Sermon Series. Genesis 1 Origins. By: Chad Wells. Phone: 717-687-5118. Current Sermon Series? 162 views . In this six-session series, pastor Charlie Dates offers a big-picture view of the foundational book of Genesis, exploring the splendor of creation and the significance of God’s work in the lives of flawed yet faithful men and women. Sunday, January 09, 2022 “Healthy Doctrine, Healthy Believer” 1 Tim. He thinks you will find these studies to be spiritually enriching. July 19, 2009. Lent 2022. Join us for our study on the book of Genesis. What you say matters: speak life and back up your words with actions. April 24, Dr. Although his readers were geographically scattered his purpose was clear: to stimulate their faith, to assure them of the reliability Current Sermon Series. Info. March 21 - The King Serves - John 13:1-20. Calendar << May 2022 >> M: T: W: T: F: S: S: 25 26 27 28 When God Makes No Sense. Join us for our sermon series on the Gospel of Matthew. 4/24 The Extraordinary Ordinary Isaiah 25:6-9; Luke 24:13-35. Series begins January 30, 2022. View All CMC Sermons. Jun 16, 2019 Speaking Truth Even to the Hardest Hearts-Part 21. net/sermons/Genesis%201%20Origins%20Edited. It is like having an embedded reporter there at the birth of the church and all through her rapid expansion. The Doctrine of Good Works. The Rope of Hope ~ Psalm 130. We sincerely hope these Bible inspired teachings enrich your life! BEHOLDING GLORY on Vimeo. Previous Sermon Series. There may not be a more exciting book in the bible than Acts. First Peter is preeminently a letter of hope, of second and third chances. The Work of the Lord Will Stand-Part 22. From Series: " 2022 James - Faith that Works ". Belle Valley Presbyterian Facebook. Jesus delivered a powerful and counter-cultural sermon that set a standard for the people of God on what the life of a follower of Jesus is to look like. We all want to arrive safely at our intended destination whether that relates to traveling or our own lives. March 14 - The King Enters - Matthew 21:1-11. 717-928-8811. This Lent, we’re embracing the literal and spiritual practices of cultivating and letting go. " Lord willing this book will cause us to know our Savior more and grow in us the … Current Sermon Series. And while it tells of fascinating people experiencing transformational events, Genesis continually points us Sermon Notes Date: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY May 29, 2022 Current Sermon Series Memorial Day Web: lebanonfoursquare. Through understanding God’s work in growing us to be more like Jesus, the need to acknowledge brokenness, and how to forgive other believers, we can learn to grow from failure. ADDRESS. May 15 Slow Your Roll Back CURRENT SERMON SERIES SERMON ARCHIVE PRAYER REQUESTS CULTURE GUIDE FOUNDATIONS RCC INSTITUTE CAREERS WORKSHOPS BLOG Current Sermon. Sermon Notes Date: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY May 29, 2022 Current Sermon Series Memorial Day Web: lebanonfoursquare. In the midst of suffering and pain that would attempt to derail us, Peter provides an epistle of triumphant faith. Community. Relationships: Beyond Basic. However, Scripture tells us that “the heart is deceitful above all things” (Jeremiah 17:9). The Psalms speak to us in ways no other music can. ee/cebc. Our Place in God’s Great Story. The Book of James reminds us that our faith in Christ is our foundation. LATEST SERMON. Called for a Purpose. We are convinced that our This is the thesis of our current series, “The Holy Ordinary,” which draws its inspiration from Tish Harrison Warren’s book, “Liturgy of the Ordinary. Date: Sunday - April 17. , we want to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus. Ruth: An Eternal Love Story : The Book of Ruth is one of the greatest love stories recorded in Scripture. 5/15 The Empowering Recovery Psalm 30; John 21:1-19. Bulletin May 15 May 11, 2022 Current Sermon Series. Our current sermon series follows the content of a book by Sally Lloyd-Jones called “The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name,” where it unpacks how Christ is the centerpiece of God’s plan to redeem a lost and dying world. 05/22/2022 | Paul Romanstine. Live. Waiting: Advent 2021. Resurrection Hope - Spring 2020. The world tells us to seek after such things with reckless abandon, to “follow our hearts. Find a Location ·. Watch live Sunday mornings at 10:00am. com Hours: T/Th/F 9a-12p 470 West C Street, Lebanon, OR 97355 (541) 451-4397 The God Delights to Cover Our Shame (Isaiah 54:1-17) Tyler Pease: May 22, 2022: Listen: The Glory Of The Suffering Servant (Isaiah 52:13-53:12) Jay Mosser Current Sermon Series. Jan 16 • 1 Peter 1:3-9 • Listen. September 12 “Do No Harm” James 3:1-12 Words hold the power of life and death. Check out the current series from Pastor James! Easter Sunday: The Epilogue. December 29, 2021; Current Sermon Series. The writers of the New Testament, however, viewed the resurrection differently. Shopping. Philippians: An Invitation to Joy. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. At the beginning of 2022 we will be exploring who we believe God has called us to be and what we believe we’re called to do. Media delivered to you the way you want it. Lost and Found. Her life and her story are redeemed as the Revealing and Rejoicing ~ Psalm 19:1-4. , Austin, MB, R0H 0C0, Canada (204) 637-2173 info@austinefc. Introduction America is in a serious time of crisis. God uses each season we encounter as an opportunity to grow closer to Him. May 29 - The Highest Calling. 1234 Current Sermon Series. com and her Twitter @tinypastor. The life of Joseph is filled with incredible stories of his journey from the pit of despair to the palace—from being a slave sold to a distant foreign land to being the most powerful ruler in Egypt, only second to Pharaoh. April 24th – May 29th, 2022— 1ST JOHN: How Do You Know? UPCOMING SERMON SERIES Apr. Women & Jesus Current Sermon Series. Please “Like” us on Facebook, Subscribe on YouTube, and turn … Sermon Notes and Questions for May 15, 2022 May 11, 2022. VIMEO YOUTUBE May 8, 2022 | Adam Muhtaseb | Acts 9:32-11:18. Comments Off. current sermon series ‹ Return to current sermon series. mp3. Seventh Sunday of Easter, May Current Sermon Series - Grace Community Church Website builder Current Sermon Series. Teachings in this series. Fail Forward. Ooltewah, TN, United States. There’s a way to move beyond the basic relationships we have. Traditional & Contemporary Services. 3 comments. ← Older Sermons. Having traveled so far to learn about and worship God, the Holy Spirit sent Philip to find the eunuch and teach him about Jesus. In this series, we will look at how Jesus redefined what it means to be great, righteous CURRENT SERMON SERIES. Find more follow up on the sermons at Pastor Michelle’s blog: revmichelle. John Vanderhoek on December 7, 2021. Songs for the Journey Sermon Series. Series. com Current Sermon Series. Stand Alone 3. Full Size: 1920×692px Aperture: f/5. May 22 | Embrace Curiosity | Acts 8:26-40. 701-255-1160 Date: Scripture: Title: March 27, 2022: Romans 1:1-7: A Message from the King: April 3, 2022: Romans 1:8-15: Eager to Talk about Jesus: April 17, 2022: Romans 1:16-17 9400 Old Stagecoach Road / La Plata, Maryland 20646 / 301-392-3951 / laplatabaptist@gmail. March 27th The Suffering Servant 1 Peter 2:23. Welcome To Current Sermon Series. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world This series tackles six major ones. Series: Current Sermons. If you would like to listen to previous sermons from this series, please click here to access our sermon recordings. The Gospel of Luke presents Jesus' ministry like the other three gospels, but this book focuses on Jesus' compassion to Samaritans, Gentiles, tax collectors, sinners - really anybody that the Jews viewed as "outcasts. com Hours: T/Th/F 9a-12p 470 West C Street, Lebanon, OR 97355 (541) 451-4397 In Acts 1:8, Jesus told his disciples they would be his witnesses. Children Sunday School. 5/15/22: Seasons | Part 3 | Autumn. Grace+Peace Church 9209 Amos Rd. Grace and Peace Church. Strasburg, PA 17579. They talked to them, had cook-outs with them, and went to church with them. We are following the Church of England’s Lectionary for Lent as we journey towards celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter. We need to be challenged to live faithfully and stand firm in CURRENT SERMON SERIES The Current Foundation series are lessons which follow the current sermon series. Want to watch other services instead? Let's Go. Overflow giving overflow. Sunday Current Sermon Series. m. Pastor Barcroft plans to continue these sermons in 2022 covering more of the familiar psalms (e. We have posted it anyway in the hope that the Lord may still use it to bless others, but we acknowledge that it may be too quiet to hear. And in our increasingly pluralistic, post-Christian world, they are the questions being asked. Hope & Joy in Suffering. the most out of the sermon series. What is the Church? – A study in 1 Timothy. Give. In this series, we will look at how Jesus redefined what it means to be great, righteous McCabe United Methodist Church 1030 N 6 th St Bismarck, ND 58501. Ecclesiastes (Sept - Dec 2021) Elijah Sermon Series (Sept-Nov 2020) Exodus Sermon Series (April-August 2020) Holiday Sermons. Throughout this series, we will be looking at the birth of Christ’s Church, the empowering of the Holy Spirit in believers, and gaining an understanding of how the spiritual principles we see in Acts apply to our lives today. Striving Together on the Heavenly Way (Hebrews 12:12-24) Unexpectedly, the;pressure mounted from the culture of their day and many of those true believers began to compromise or tone down their walk with God so as to live safely and without risk between the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of their culture. Thanksgiving Praise 2009 ~ Psalm 145:3-7. Our Mission Sermon Notes Date: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY May 29, 2022 Current Sermon Series Memorial Day Web: lebanonfoursquare. Never miss a sermon. Guest Preachers. Click here for Our Church Youtube Channel Click Here for Previous Sermon Series Back to Top. Special Days 5. That is in fact, what we have as Luke carefully recorded the history of the church, beginning with the final words of Jesus before He Current Sermon Series – Galatians. There are strategies and skills that can be developed to navigate through all the confusion, difficulty, and bad advice we face. com Rejoicing to Suffer the Shame for His Name-Part 23. Overview. Spring 2022. God’s word has challenged believers in Christ to respond differently when such trials arise. Joel II The Day of the Lord; Wrath for the Wicked 5 22 2022. com/Ken Living Faith | Sermon Series.

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